Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spinning wheels of colour energy…

Lying within each and every one of us are receptors and transmitters of colour. These ‘devices’ are called chakras.
There are seven main chakras and each one of these equates and responds to a different colour of the visible light spectrum and is responsible for a different function. They are the spinning ‘wheels’ or vortexes of the subtle anatomy system and in fact get their name from the ancient Sanskrit word for wheel.

The chakra system is an energy system that has been recognised by Eastern culture for many centuries and each chakra is traditionally depicted as a lotus flower with a different colour and a different amount of petals. The petals represent the vibratory rate of each chakra and correspond also to the different vibratory rate of each colour.

The seven main chakras of the human body consist of;

Base chakra – red – our connection to our physical body and life.

Sacral Chakra – orange – our emotions

Solar Plexus Chakra – yellow – our thoughts and mind function

Heart Chakra – green – our feelings and centre for love

Throat Chakra – blue – our self expression and communication

Brow (Third eye) Chakra – indigo – higher mind function

Crown Chakra - violet - our connection to our higher consciousness and inner wisdom

The chakras act in two ways – they both draw in and give out energy and act to sustain us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Working with colour as a therapist is all about working with the chakras and the colours of the spectrum to bring vibrational balance back to the energetic system of the living being.

Every part of the body from the bones and organs right down to the smallest cells at a microscopic level has a different vibration and consequently a different colour vibration to match.
The chakras are a system that can be likened to a complex set of gears – one is dependent on the next for the system to work.

They can become dysfunctional by being overactive, under-active or blocked which in turn can lead to the manifestation of a range of physical, emotional and mental conditions.

The ideal is to catch the imbalance while it still exists at an emotional or mental level and before it manifests into the physical.

We can pick up a clue as to what colours we need at any given time by becoming aware of our colour needs, what colours are we currently attracted to and what is our reaction is to the different colours in our world.


Liara Covert said...

My attraction to the color violet is partly explained by my growing spiritual side. This causes me to reflect on why we evolve to think we have "favorite colors."

Its neat how colors acquire varied significance over time when associated with particular groups, communities or belief systems. Why is it for example, we have "royal" blue, "pious" purple, "sexy (jet)" black, "forest" green and "sickly" yellow (jaundice). These mental images remind us that our understandings of color and context may differ according to our principles, values, judgments, cultural and life experiences.

The chakras offer views worth noting because like white light, which contains all colors, the chakras remind us that different chades lead to balance. Your graphics in this article are wonderful!

Infinite Cosmos said...

Great article! Very interesting....

dadaism said...

hello leanne!

i love your site so much. you have another fan.

keep the colors alive.


dadaism said...

no problem about the messages. feel free to buzz me as much as you like. i envy your blog. mine is still unfocused... but i think i am having some inspiration from you.

here's to colors... for those seeking for fragments of sun.


Tania said...

Wonderful overview of the chakras, glad I came across your blog.

The Vineyard Painter said...

I love the color Yellow! : ) I surprised it didn't get any votes? I also love White, which is my favorite...but of course, it's not a color but a tone, least in art.

ps. It was great to visit your Etsy shop again and Hearting more scarfs!