Monday, March 30, 2009

Low red levels? Some warning signs!

I would like to pose a few questions for you.....

- Can you get your mind out of the past and the future to be 'Here Now'?
- Are you feeling grounded in reality?
- Are you involved in life?
- Do you love life?
- Are you self reliant and able to stand on your own two feet?
- Can you cope with the demands of everyday life?
- Can you look after yourself?
- Are you organised?
- Are you self controlled?
- Are you fit, healthy and physically co-ordinated?
- Do you love your body and enjoy it's movement and sensations?
- Is your physical energy level high?
- Do you have confidence in your body?
- Are you physically intelligent?

If you get a few 'no' answers maybe you need to look at balancing your base chakra with some red!