Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Feeling S.A.D!

It is mid winter here in the southern hemisphere and the temptation to stay indoors and hibernate is high! Outdoors is bleak and cold and the landscape seems to have lost some of its colour. It is a time when we can easily stake a claim to a comfy corner of the lounge,put the heaters on high and work our way through the stack of dvd’s calling to us from the tv cabinet.

For a lot of us (females) it is a time to let the hairs on our legs grow to the point where, come spring, we need a deforestation permit from local council to wax or shave them off! We might poke our head out on a chilly winters day, mutter a quick bbrrr and quickly come back in to make another hot chocolate.

This is all right and proper. We are following the natural cycles of the seasons and life. Winter is the time to let the fields lie fallow awaiting the return of spring and the traditional beginnings of new cycles of growth and life.

But wait....we are not bears...we are not meant to fully hibernate...we are human beings! We need fresh air, movement and most importantly ....LIGHT! (and yes! chocolate!)
Our bodies rely on light for so many things. We need it for vitamin D synthesis, hormonal regulation and mood balancing.
We are solar powered beings that respond to light. Food and water help too of course but without light we would wither and die.

Sunlight gives us our measurable wavelengths and vibrations of colour. Each colour vibration found within sunlight ‘feeds’, balances and energises the energy centres , or chakras of the subtle anatomy of the human being which then influence our glandular system and hormone levels. If we shut out the sunlight we deny ourselves this vital energy source.

There is a condition called S.A.D or seasonal affective disorder that is directly attributable to prolonged low levels of natural sunlight.
This condition is more prevalent in some countries of the Northern Hemisphere where winter day light hours are short and the quality of light weak but it is also becoming more prevalent due to the demands of modern day life.
In winter, people who work in offices all day might arrive in the morning, spend all day inside an artificially lit building and then leave again at the end of the day when it is dark, having little or no exposure to natural light. As sunlight is vital to hormonal balance, what results is imbalanced hormone levels which can then lead to sadness and depressive states.

So! If you are feeling a bit down and gloomy this winter add some colour to your life. Brighten up your wardrobe. Add some splashes of colour to your home and head outside as often as you can for a healthy dose of light and colour therapy!