Friday, April 24, 2009

How is your 'Orange' feeling today?

A few's time to check your 'Orange'.

Do you love being a part of a larger community?
Do you get involved socially?
Do you feel like you belong?
Are you able to work co-operatively in a team?
Are you socially intelligent?
Do you lend a hand when needed?
Can you respect other peoples choices?
Do you believe there is enough for everyone?
Do you use your creativity often?
Do you allow your creativity to flow?
Are you generous?
Can people rely on you?
Can you show your affection easily?
Do you treat everyone as a star?
Is your staff/ family happy?

and most important of all...

Are YOU happy?

Mmmm....did you get a few 'no' answers? Well time for some more orange in your it, drink it, sleep it, breathe it, play with it, create with it, wear it...and most of all ......get conscious of it!