Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm really excited today!

The Rainbow Revolution website is about to go 'live' with all the changes that we have been working on so hard over the last few weeks.

My sister is the creative brains behind the website and nearly all things of the 'tech' category (except this blog and the etsy shop, which I continue to stumble through!) and I must say for a self taught 'webmaster' she has done an awesome job.

Basically we are putting into place stage two of our vision to bring colour understanding out to the world! Yay!!!

We will have links on the site to some great books on colour that I have recommended and used in my own studies as well as a link to our new cafepress shop which we are using to showcase our digital artwork (cos we don't have the printers etc at this stage to do for ourselves for etsy!).

We would love to use this blog as a way for everyone who loves colour to connect and share their experiences of personal growth so we can all learn more!

As soon as stage two is 'live' (no later than monday!) we will start working on stage three! Keep checking in...we would love your feedback on the website...

Let the Rainbow Revolution begin......!

(and a big thank you to those that have already posted comments here)

hint - some colour meanings are very blatantly 'hidden' in the text above!


Liara Covert said...

What an uplifting initiative! When you offer yourself to the world, the world will give back in abundance.

Leanne Lonergan said...

Just imagine how it could all be...