Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Colour Talks!

Colour Talks!

Take a moment to look around! What colours are surrounding you?
You have surrounded yourself with colour and you have chosen nearly all the colours that you have surrounded yourself with! You have made colour choices for your clothing, jewellery, shoes, bags, belts, cars, furnishings, walls, carpets... and the list goes on!

Have you ever wondered why you choose the colours that you choose?
Are you like Picasso and going through your 'blue' period or dealing with issues of love and are in your 'rose' period? Picasso expressed his emotional well being through the colours that featured in his paintings. His 'blue' period was a time of depression and sorrow and his 'rose' period was linked to his falling in love. You may be able to detect some patterns in your own colour choices. *

So why DO you choose the colours that you choose. Some people will say "it was the only thing I had that was clean to wear" or "it's the latest fashion" or " it was the only thing ironed".

Oh really......!

Why is it then that you have a favourite hue but your friend can't stand the sight of it? For that matter why does a particular shirt feel so right one day and feel so wrong the next?

If we allow ourselves a moment of introspection and open our minds just a bit, we might consider the possibility that we could be revealing a little of ourselves through the colour choices that we make.

Color has it's own 'language' and once we become conscious of this, we have opened the door to a vast supply of information and some great 'tools' for self understanding and personal growth. Deepening your understanding of the ways in which you can work with colour both on a personal level and with loved ones can allow access to your 'authentic' self and foster insight and empathy for those around you.

Colour tells us so much about our feelings, thoughts and emotions. Expressions such as 'seeing red' or 'feeling blue' give us a clue to some of the understandings of colour. How DO you feel blue? Do you really 'see red' when you are angry? Was I really a murky shade of green when that awesome convertible went by the other day? (answer is...YES!)

Colour has a dualistic nature and when we explore this on a personal level we allow our subconscious self to communicate with our conscious self. The unknown becomes the known and personal growth can occur.

Imagine a world without colour !

Go on!
Just close your eyes and try. How do you feel when you do? Note your emotional response, even your physical responses. You have just given yourself a glimpse of the impact that colour has.
Colour feeds us on all levels as well as providing us with a way to communicate who we really are.

The understanding and science of colour has a vast history and a huge future. Modern science and it's continual research into the effects of colour and alternative therapists that are drawing from and expanding on the knowledge and practices of the ancients are opening the way for an incredible understanding and use of colour that can only enhance our lives and the lives of the generations to come.

Colour is Soul food...Are you hungry?


Bazil Essentials said...

Wow, wonderful blog! I guess I never really thought of color that way.... It really hit me when you mention a shirt being a perfect fit one day, and feeling so wrong the next. I'd love to know more about color, which colors are great for bringing you into a different mood?

Kel said...

great blog - informative, pretty and entertaining. I'll bookmark it, so keep posting...

Kel x

Whitney said...

I love colors too!

Liara Covert said...

I share your view that colors reflect mood and personality. They can also teach us subtle things about our feelings we may not initially notice. Great blog!

Leanne Lonergan said...

Thank for you comments everyone! I hope to able to share more and more colour information with you all and I welcome your comments and experiences!