Monday, February 9, 2009

How synchronistic a game can be!

I have just been tagged by Finki. The game is "The 6th in the 6th" game. It was just the kick in the pants I needed to write a blog post. I have had it in the back of my mind for ages (more like a demon on my shoulder really!!) that it was way past time that I blogged again. Hey, but you know how life gets...all hustle and bustle and next thing you know the holiday season is ancient history and it is nearly mid year again... Well thank you Finki...I am now on to it!

What you have to do for this game of tag is look in your picture folder and find the 6th folder in there and then go to the 6th picture...

My 6th folder is my colourlovers folder. I go to colourlovers to play.
BE CAREFUL...You must be warned...if you love colour you may never leave this site!
On this site you can create all sorts of colour combinations as palettes and then turn them into patterns. It is a great community of like minded people that chat on the forums, post wonderful colour related articles and just generally get creative!

My 6th image in my 6th folder is this one!

When you create a palette or pattern you get to name it and are forever accredited to being its creator...hee hee so much fun!

When I realised the name of this particular palette, ' Creating Peace', I realised how apt it was to today...inner turmoil for many of us and outer turmoil in world events, financial meltdowns, war and fighting, the most destructive bushfires in Australia's history, floods, blizzards and freezing conditions in other countries. We all need to create a sense of inner peace so that we can then manifest this as outer peace.

This colour combination has presented itself to me twice today. I did a consultation this morning for a custom order to provide swags and drapes in a pyschologists office. The requirements were to create a feeling of flowing peace and communication...reminiscent of water.
These were the exact colours we discussed!

So o.k universe I get the message...time for me to create some peace!!!!
This postcard has been created by Melanie from Wiccked
(click the photo to find out how to make one yours!)