Saturday, January 3, 2009

I am a Flower Smeller

I was so delighted to open my email notifications the other day to see that I had been awarded a 'Flower Smellers ' award from the wonderful people at Go! Smell the Flowers. This amazing group of people continue to inspire all of us to take some time out for ourselves and others to just stop what we are doing in this busy hustle bustle life and see the beauty that surrounds us in every moment.

As a recipient of this award I am now able to nominate 5 other 'Flower Smellers' who will also be awarded this badge.
Here are my choices...I hope you will spend a moment and go have a look at these amazing people!

* Homemade Rainbows I love this blog not only because we share a name but because of the beautiful view of life that shines through in every post she writes!
*Vineyard Painter This blog always leaves me feeling peaceful with beautifully imagery and thoughtful posts!
* check out Xanthe in Marrakesh...her beautiful photographs of this exotic place always transport me...
* Journey Back to the Wild This blog touches your heart with the plight of injured wildlife.
* Vision Your Dreams This lady is a master at 'Flower Smelling'.

And here is a flower for you!