Monday, July 6, 2009

Yellow..your friend or foe?

Some questions for you to ponder....

Are you 'self aware'?
Do you acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses?
Do you know when people are showing you the mirror of your soul?
Can you distinguish between what is 'your stuff' and what is not?
Do you have objectivity about yourself?
Do you love your mind?
Do you have a sense of your own uniqueness?
Do you learn easily?
Can you concentrate?
Are you open to new ideas?
Are you an independent thinker?
Do you allow the laughter to bubble to the surface?
Do you really know how to be lighthearted and fun loving?
Do you often fell tight or restricted in the stomach area?
Are you nervous and fluttery...butterflies in the tummy sort of feeling?

This is one of the hardest 'colours' to fully step in to.....self esteem with out excessive ego...freedom from worries and fears...standing happily in who we are and the letting go of confusion... come on then...who's game to let their yellow shine?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

and two more!!!!!

I feel so encouraged...I have just received not just one but two more 'Lovely Blog Post' awards!

One from and what a lovely blog she has!

and the other from
Tiffany at lovely, lovely blog

so now here I go spreading the lovely joy!

A Lovely Blog Award

I was absolutely thrilled to receive this Lovely Blog Award the other day from the lovely Julie-Ann of Julies Jewels

The guidelines for accepting the award are:

1) Add the logo to your blog

2) Link to the person from whom you received this award

3) Nominate 7 or more blogs

4) Leave a message on their blog – letting them know that they are ‘One Lovely Blog’

So in acceptance of this lovely award I nominate -

The lovely Mandy from
The lovely Nicky from
The lovely Helena from
The lovely Kathleen from
The lovely Tammy from
The lovely Sally from
The lovely Clara from

Thank you Julie-Ann