Sunday, August 24, 2008

Massaging the Chakras

I often get asked ..” how do you use colour as a therapy?”

To answer that question could take me hours as there are so many ways to utilise colour to heal and grow.
There are many different colour based therapies available but the one that seems to have really grabbed me is AuraSoma. I really love this system because of its non intrusive and self selective basis.

Ultimately your client chooses the colours that are perfect for them at this point in their lives and their choice comes from within a deep part of their unknown self.
Their colours are chosen from a huge range of over 100 different jewel like bottles of coloured oils and essences. Consultation about their choices then takes place and the client leaves with the bottle (or bottles) that are to be applied to the matching chakra areas as part of the whole process.

The bottles contain a mixture of essential oils, gem and crystal essences, herb and plant essences as well as the energy of colour
and are called Equilibrium Bottles and through them the ultimate goal restore equilibrium to body mind and soul!

Some practitioners of the AuraSoma system have gone on to develop further therapies. One Practitioner and Teacher friend of mine, Vicki Engeham, has developed an amazing system called Chakra Massage and has just published her long awaited book all about it.

I had a chat to Vicki just recently and asked her a few questions about her journey with colour....
Vicki, how long have you been working with colour as a therapy?
...I've been working with colour as a therapy since 1992. Before that I was a potter/artist and window design person. So really colour has been a theme through my life as such.

Do you have any success stories from your years as a teacher and practitioner?
...I have many success stories that I usually share when I teach. I have found colour to help with all areas of life, be it spiritual,emotional or physical. I have worked over the years with people with aids, cancer and many life threatening diseases through touch and colour. Colour has proven to have been extremely helpful with people that have been abused. What I like about Aura-Soma is it is non intrusive, so a person works with a particular bottle of colours, to help address his/her issues. The responsibility then is given back to the person to continue to work on themselves.

Where are you based?
... location is in Central Australia, has been for over 25 years, maybe Cairns for the next lot. I really think you can work anywhere if you know your subject well, although it's nice to have a base.

I know you frequently travel to places such as Japan and the U.K to teach courses but are there any other countries that you would really like to bring your work and knowledge to?
... I mainly teach the 3 levels of Aura-Soma courses these days. I also teach the chakra balance course as well as deep relaxation massage, advanced skills and shiatsu. I teach all over Australia, Europe,Asia and Japan. I travel a lot.
I'd like to have the opportunity to travel to China to teach.(when i find time!)

How did you develop the concept and practice of Chakra massage?
... The chakra massage developed through a dream, then put into practice. First came the technique, then came the sound, breath, Angels and crystals.
I'd like to add you don't have to be "SPECIAL' to do any kind of healing work, just the intention of working for a person's highest good.

Vicki’s book is available by contacting her directly via her website or through visiting the AuraSoma Australia website.
Who knows she may also be able to travel to your area to teach and share her wonderful knowledge and skills!