Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Will a golden tone create a golden age?

Watching the colour trends throughout history is very revealing and says a lot about what is happening for humanity.

As an example, when we look back at times of economic depression and insecurity ,
such as the 30's and 40's we often see browns and greys featuring heavily in furnishings and fashion.

The 60's came in with a wild explosion of orange and lime...colours that relected our newfound sexuality (orange)and sense of adventure (lime). This was an era when we felt a lot more comfortable talking and openly communicating (orange) about the taboo subjects (sexuality and emotions - orange) that were kept behind zippered lips in the sedate 50's.

The 70's featured a vast array of purple tones which spoke of a time of revolution...of seeming chaos that followed on from the 60's.

The 80's saw a lot of women choosing deeper red shades (physical energy) for clothing and accessories as they asserted themselves in the traditionally male workplaces and institutions (remember the 'Dallas' style extra wide shoulder pads!!!!)

Colour trends change much more quickly now. We are able to go out and find just about any colour we want although trends are still set. We have recently seen a return to the neutral browns, greys and stone colours and guess what?..... here we are again in that place of worldwide economic uncertainty.

It was really heartening to read the press release from Pantone recently that declared the colour of the year for 2009 to be Mimosa - a striking yellow with slight golden tones.

Here is an excerpt from the press release (highlights in bold by me!)

"Pantone Selects Color of the Year for 2009: PANTONE 14-0848 Mimosa

Mimosa Embodies Hopefulness and Reassurance in a Climate of Change CARLSTADT, N.J., Dec. 3, 2008 - Pantone, an X-Rite company (NASDAQ: XRIT), and the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today announced PANTONE® 14-0848 Mimosa, a warm, engaging yellow, as the color of the year for 2009.
In a time of economic uncertainty and political change, optimism is paramount and no other color expresses hope and reassurance more than yellow.
"The color yellow exemplifies the warmth and nurturing quality of the sun, properties we as humans are naturally drawn to for reassurance," explains Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®.

"Mimosa also speaks to enlightenment, as it is a hue that sparks imagination and innovation."

Best illustrated by the abundant flowers of the Mimosa tree and the sparkle of the brilliantly hued cocktail, the 2009 color of the year represents the hopeful and radiant characteristics associated with the color yellow.

Sounds good to me!


Leanne said...

Sounds just wonderful to me too! I'm so enjoying your blog and your header gets me everytime....I wonder why ;).....so so beautiful. Thank you.

Linda said...

Yeah! Yellow is the color for the next year! Kinda like sunshine! We all need it. Great article and just love your colors especially the header! Brings back my hippie days!


Natalia said...

I could do with some sunshine in my life too! Bring on 2009! :)

Chrisy said...

...ahhh mimosa for 2009...things are lookin good!

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RainbowMom said...

Sounds pretty awesome to me as well. Congrats on receiving this beautiful award as well. I've always very much enjoyed your blog. Peace!

Anne said...

What a beautiful colour!...:)

Christa said...

Yeah! A purple car!!!

Spiritual Blogger said...

Mimosa it is!! I'm all for it. Beautiful blog BTW, with a Beautiful concept.

Vineyard Painter said...

Do these historical trends follow a pattern...will 2009's yellow be followed by green, then blue, then purple...? Interesting!

Penny Manning said...

What a unique site this is! I love color and wow! what a treat to the eye. I'm coming in here when I need to remind myself, "Yes, Penny, you ARE alive!" Ha! Two thumbs up.