Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beware the tricks of colour!!!!!!

I was absolutely furious with myself!! I had fallen for one of the sneakiest tricks and I should have known better. If it weren't for the fact that I was in such a hurry I am sure it wouldn't have gotten past me.
Yes!....I had fallen for the old trick...!!!!!
I can't believe it! I also can't believe that food sellers are allowed to get away with it.
Has it happened to you before?

You rush into the supermarket just before dinner think to yourself.."quick... what will I grab for dinner...Mmmm... potatoes will do"

You grab a bag and throw in a bag of carrots and some meat in a pre pack to round it off then dash to the checkout, race home, turn on the oven, open the bag of potatoes and.....THEY ARE ALL GREEN!

DAMN! How did that happen? They looked o.k at the store. "Oh well" you say ."I still have some carrots and some meat" Ha! You open the carrots and they look a bizarre shade of brown! You turn nervously to the meat thinking "uh oh looks like this will be it for dinner" and Double Damn!!!!! What looked like a nice tender piece of steak suddenly has taken on the appearance of a century old relic found in the ice melt on the North Pole!!! EEEKKK. There goes dinner and some hard earned cash that you payed for it with!!! Looks like cheese on toast to eat tonight!

NEVER...I repeat NEVER buy potatoes if they are in a pink bag. It is an old trick (in reverse)that I learned years ago when I worked as a make-up artist. We used to apply a green base to peoples skin (to cut back a too rosy glow) before applying a normal foundation. It works a treat. You see... Red and Green are opposites so one will counteract the other! Fine for making you look good but downright deceptive to try and make potatoes saleable!
As to the carrots and meat...well..these sneaky marketers are putting old carrots in orange bags to make them look fresh and new and the butchers departments have sneaky pink based lights in their display areas to make the meat look nice and pink and fresh.
Here is the tip. Look at your meat selections away from the display area...find some normal lighting to check it out and never buy your vegies in bags!!!!
I vow to never fall for that trick again!!!

I hope!


Purple Lady said...

Hiya! We are lucky we order ours from an organic food company called Abel and Cole some veg picked just yesterday and none of it flown.

Lucky aren't we.



Cara Mia said...

"double damn!" that made me laugh so hard :) i know the feeling of getting home and finding rotten food. usually it's an expired date though, i haven't had the experience of the old color switch-a-roo! that must have been horrible.

great post, i never would have thought of a different colored bag. i will definitely keep my eyes open next time i shop!

hope all is well with you and you family. :)
cara mia

Sandra said...

Fun post. It made me laugh. Thanks for the tips!

natural treatment for diabetes said...

well very funny post

indidi said...

loved your post...I will be forever wary of pink bags!
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RainbowMom said...

Very interesting! Thanks for the tip.. you'd think they the potatos would be infused with a lovely heart centered energy being placed in pink bags but I guess that's not what the grocers had in mind. ;) doh.

dianem said...

I took a class on color when I was studying art. Very interesting what you can do.

Sandra said...

Don't forget the red die they add to the meat to make it look more red and the color last longer. :)

Leanne Lonergan said...

EEEeeuuuwww! I didn't know that Sandra!!! I knew they put something in oranges to make them more orange but meat!!! EEEEuuuWWWW

Linda said...

LOL! I know it put a krimp in your dinner but your tips will be forever on my mind going to the store. Them sneaky b's !!!

ophelia rising said...

Wow. Thanks for the tips!

I try to shop at the local farm stand, whenever possible. Who knows what kind of junk supermarkets put into produce nowadays? Although, I know sometimes it's a matter of convenience. It can be trying to shop at five different places for different things. I suppose I'm used to it now, though. :)

lyptis said...

Hey interesting post!
U have to be aware in the super market!:)

lyptis said...

Thats very interesting! Thanks for reminding me of the tricks of the marketers!!

Leanne Lonergan said...

Hi Lyptis,

Yes I guess colour can be used for good or underhanded evil!!!!

Click Clack Shack said...

Great tips! I'll be on the lookout!

Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle) said...

wow,wow,wow!!! din't know bout the red versus the green thing!! crazy!

I never saw those colored plastic bags in the store, though!