Thursday, June 19, 2008

Colour at work….not just for the décor!

As workplace mindsets change to adapt to evolving needs of the new generation…Generation Y, employers and their Human Resources teams are needing to find a whole new way to engage and retain employees.

More and more companies, including Government agencies and even local councils, are investing in and strengthening their workforce by including courses and workshops based on wellbeing and personal growth.

One company that is offering such courses is breathe:HR.

Suzanne Saad, the founder of breathe:HR, has created an amazing range of courses and workshops. These courses incorporate Suzanne’s incredible range of skills and truly are the answer for what is happening in the corporate world now.
Suzanne has been a friend and fellow Colour Practitioner for some years now and her skills in Art Therapy, Colour Psychology and the AuraSoma Colour Care system for personal growth are extensive.

Suzanne offers a variety of workshops and courses as well as one on one sessions to enable employees to find personal meaning in their working life, see value in their work and be able to express their individuality.

The best part of this is that one of the main tools that Suzanne uses is COLOUR!
I am really excited to see colour being used to it's full value in this way. People like Suzanne are bringing colour and it's uses into the mainstream and this is awesome!!!!!

Take a few moments to have a look at Suzanne’s very informative website.
While you are there, check out her articles section for a wonderful explanation of the AuraSoma Colour Care system!


Liara Covert said...

Human beings often underestimate the value and meaning of color in their lives. This post offers ideas for how you might choose to expand yourself.

leanne said...

Hi Liara,
I agree...we do underestimate the value of 'colour'. I hope to be able to change that!!!! : )