Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Greening of Humanity

There has been a marked movement towards green...

yes we already know that don't we...'s all about the environment, saving our forests, searching for fuel alternatives, pollution etc etc.

Well NO, it is not just about the environment.

The Green movement is happening in many different ways.

Let's just put the idea of green being about the environment aside and take a wider look at the meaning of green.
The vibration of green relates to out heart centre, our heart chakra. Green is all about decisions, feelings, balance and love.


Green opens us to expansiveness and feelings of spaciousness and to an ability to make decisions from our feeling side rather than our intellect.

I made the conscious choice to work with the colour green about a month ago. I 'put out the call' so to speak that I was ready to work through another layer of my own green issues . This meant being open to my feelings and allowing my guidance to come from my heart. It even meant looking at issues that might bring out the green eyed monster of jealousy and envy (which certainly put in an appearance!)
Well the call has certainly been answered. I have had an amazing wave of green come to me in many different ways.
What I have witnessed and can now see very clearly is the 'Greening of Humanity' No ..I don't think that we are being invaded by little green men but there is a green under swell occurring that is showing people of the need to choose their actions and make their decisions from heart based values.
Many businesses are are now looking at the 'heart line' instead of the bottom line.

One of many examples that have come my way has been the website called Heart of Business.
I urge you to have a look at what Mark Silver, the founder of this site, has to offer. His work is about getting in touch with your heart to find direction and answers that can not only be applied to your business but also to any aspect of your life.

Another instance of 'green' came to me as I was watching an interview with Andre Rieu, the violinist, the other night and something he said during that interview really resonated for me. He was asked what made him such a success and he replied
" I play music from my heart and that is what makes it successful"

Now that statement really felt right to me!

Andre Rieu

You heart can express your passion and in your passion is your truth, connection and purpose!

One of the most obvious and biggest calls for humanity to go green has been with the natural disaster in Burma. Not only was this a green event in relation to the environment but it is also a huge call for the governing authorities of that country to open their hearts to receive the outpouring of caring and love from the rest of the international community. Will the Burmese government open their hearts? Who knows? To truly allow your heart to open requires trust and to let ourselves be open to receive is for some of us one of the hardest lessons to learn.

Save Burma

Actions and decisions made from the feeling side of our being resonate with truth, our own personal truth and therefore can see us leading a more authentic life filled with love, honesty and compassion. When we connect in this way everything we do seems to shine that little more brightly.

Our hearts are where we can connect to our inner guidance...a place where we hold all the answers we seek.

green heart


Jewells (Vickie) said...

This is some great information and beautifully written. I loved it.

Mark Silver said...

Leanne- thanks for the link- I'm honored and touched that you included what we're doing at Heart of Business in such an inspired post.

It's really clear that things need to change, and fast, and I'm glad you are a comrade on this path of green we're on.

Liara Covert said...

I agree with Andre. Being true to yourself will inevitably enable you to experience a sense of success. If you resonate joy, it will reverberrate back in ways that enable you to simply feel more and more joy.

The color green resonates with me in so many ways, from the form of crystals, nature, and leprechauns to a sense of spiritual grounding. Your images are profound.

Louise said...

Loved this post - a timely reminder to switch off the babble and listen to our own true hearts. Thank-you.

RainbowMom said...

Beautiful blog! So happy to have found you. I'm adding your link to my blog because you are a very inspiring women! :)

Thank you.


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